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About Me

Most chronic pain issues are not caused by just one surface problem.  Instead, there are usually a constellation of underlying issues that perpetuate the problem.  My gift is in acting as an interpreter for the body.  I can intuitively get to the root of an issue, and my varied background gives me a number of tools to address the root cause.

Constellation Body

The unique Constellation Body approach evolved over nearly two decades of experience.  It utilizes a variety of modalities to address the full constellation of body, mind, and spirit to help get you moving and feeling more comfortable so you can finally trust your body.

Heather helped me reconnect to my body in a way I thought I'd lost. I found Heather after ACL
surgery, searching for a fellow retired dancer who would understand the emotional toll of a
physical break from my art form. Gyrotonic is gentle and beautiful and it served as a critical
component of my physical therapy. I continued working with Heather after my knees healed and
she helped me adjust my technique to work for me rather than against. Years later, I still reach
out to her and she has become a true mentor and touchstone in my life. I value her insight and
presence immensely. I cannot recommend her enough!


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