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Work With Me


I offer a variety of ways to work together including online and in-person

Note: I primarily work 1:1 in order to give you the most personalized service.  If you are looking for group classes, then I am probably not the teacher for you.


Ready to get started?

Follow these three steps:

1) Let's connect!  Give me a call or email to get the ball rolling.

2) Schedule an initial consultation. I'll learn about your goals and body history, you can ask me any questions you have, and we'll get moving.  The fee for the consultation is $90.  The length of the session is 55 minutes.

3) We'll make a plan at your initial session whether that involves a home program, further work together, or other recommendations.  We'll discuss fees and schedules for further services to find an option that works for your goals and budget.

Let's connect:



(Please do not text)

 I answer calls/emails Monday-Friday. I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I credit Heather with restoring me to health and fitness after terrible back problems post three kids; it took a lot of time but was absolutely worth it. Heather is extremely knowledgeable about the human body, more so than many of the PTs I've had; and she is unfailingly positive, slowly but steadily leading you towards building strong and fluid movements. She can make it anything from a very gentle restorative fluid motion to sweat-breaking endurance/strength workout, and is super responsive to your needs, whether you're recovering from injury or training for a marathon.

-Liza L.

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