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Get All-The-Way Better

Many people who go to physical therapy aren't all the way better by the time they are discharged. If your insurance runs out, then your physical therapist may give you some exercises and send you on your way to finish the process on your own, even if you aren't really better yet.

If you feel like you could use a little more support bridging the gap from "done with PT" to "feeling back to normal," or if you'd like an educated eye to make sure that you are doing your physical therapy exercises in the most helpful way, I can help!

Many of my clients come to me in pain, and I help them get back to feeling good and trusting their bodies, even if PT didn't get them all the way there.


Your Body Holds

the Answers

Movement training can support your spiritual journey by helping to more closely connect you to the wisdom of your body.

Pain and dysfunction are often the body's way of trying to get our attention.  By learning to listen to the messages of the body we can gain greater insight into our purpose and how to live our lives in a healthy way.  The result can be a greater sense of peace, satisfaction, delight, and success.

I can guide you to learn how to hear and interpret the messages your body is trying to give you.

This type of work can complement a variety of spiritual practices as well as psychotherapy and trauma healing.


Unlock Your

Next Level

It can be so frustrating when you hit a plateau in your training!


I work with high level movers from dancers to Olympic athletes to equestrians to help them find and address the keys in their movement that are holding them back.

A foot that isn't landing at quite the right angle to give you maximum power, a quirk in how you are holding your shoulders that throws you off balance—I can help you find those little details that make all the difference.


Once we find what's holding you back, I can design a program to help you address the problem and move better permanently. 

It has made such a HUGE impact on my life to have worked with you over the past several years. I really appreciate it. I know that I have not been this 'healthy/fit' in many years and it is very much attributable to the work we have done together.

-Chris S.

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