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About Heather

Ever since I was a young dancer I’ve been fascinated by how bodies work.  While my mother was in massage school, I remember stealing her anatomy books to puzzle over the muscles and bones.  However, after my dancer career was cut short due to unexplained chronic pain, I began to be more interested in what happens when bodies don’t work.

My own healing journey led me to discover many of the modalities that I now offer.  The constellation of my work includes nearly two decades of training in mind-body movement combined with massage as well as energy-healing modalities.  Each session is unique and tailored for the individual needs of that client.

Most chronic pain issues are not caused by just one surface problem.  Instead, there are usually a constellation of underlying issues that perpetuate the problem.  My gift is in acting as an interpreter for the body.  I can intuitively get to the root of an issue, and my varied background gives me a number of tools to address the root cause.

Ready to get started? 

When I began with Heather, I was very afraid to walk outside and I had very limited mobility and strength which would allow one to participate in life.  Heather has a real understanding of my limitations, fears and vulnerabilities.  She created a very insightful, challenging, and inventive program that has kept me walking and out of a wheelchair. I continually learn new things and feel securely supported in my work with her.  I am able to express my views and feelings, my fears and goals in a safe environment.

-Andrea D.

A few of my tools include:


  •  The GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Methods including therapeutic applications, advanced work, and all specialized equipment

  •  Full STOTT Pilates certification

  •  Galileo vibration plate training


Body Work

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Neuromuscular Technique & Trigger Point Release

  • Myofascial Release Therapy and Fascial Stretch


  • Certified Meditation Coach & Energy Healer

  • Psych-K Practitioner

  • Certified Integrative Life Coach

Each session is unique depending on your needs.  You do not need to know which modalities you want to use in order to get started. I will choose the tools that are indicated depending on your needs and preferences.

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